Friday, April 27, 2012

Altered Sewing Them Cigar Box

 Here is an altered cigar box that i altered for my partner Deanna in the min album scrap board... the theme was spring but my partner wanted a sewing theme box because she wanted to use it to hold her stick pin so i use the TH sewing die and i created a stick pin holder using a foam ball, batting and fabric on a party favor base . In the inside i made it padded where she could pin more stick pins and filled the box with goodies for her to make the stick pins... here are the pics

 the recipe for this project is:
wooden cigar box (from michael's)
TH sewing die
G45 once of a springtime paper
i am roses
lace, pearls, Chinese braid ribbon
quilting batting
plastic base ( those use for party favors)

I hope you like my project.... thank you for stopping by

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A Creative Operation said...

I have some cool cigar boxes that I need to do this with, you did a beautiful job!